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Mid-Year Admissions

Mid-year Admissions

Mid-year Admissions

The University Academy Long Sutton is a non-selective secondary school for pupils aged 11-16.  Our pupil admission number for each year group is 144.  Our Open Evening is usually held in September and will be advertised on our website.

Applications for the Academy should be made to Lincolnshire County Council admissions.  You can apply online for a school place on the link below.


Our admissions policy can be found in the policy section of the website (click here).

Admission Appeal forms can be obtained from the Education team at Lincolnshire County Council.

Once you have been offered a place the following key information will help guide you through the admission process.

You will need to attend an admission meeting at the Academy, however currently due to the Covid pandemic, tours are dependent on government guidance at that time.  You will complete our admission paperwork and sign the home academy policy.


Click Here for the Home School Agreement.


Details of our uniform expectations can be found by clicking here.

Rob Horspool from ‘Design and Embroidery’ is our academy supplier of uniform his contact number is 01945 871511.  It is advised that you have an appointment should you wish to visit him.  You can visit his website www.designandembroidery.co.uk


If you live in Lincolnshire, you will need to apply for your transport once you have received the offer of your place.


Alternatively, you can telephone the Lincolnshire Customer Service Centre number on 01522 782020

If you live in Cambridgeshire, you may not be eligible for transport so you will be responsible for your child attending the Academy.  We organise two buses from the Wisbech area and if you wish to use our transport you need to contact the academy to apply.  Places are secured with a £60 deposit. 


Free School Meals information




The academy uses an automated recognition system for the purpose of paying for food.  A Biometric Consent Form needs to be signed in order for your child to use the academy dining hall, this will be provided and a link sent to you for Sims Pay.



Once you have been offered a place you need to contact us to arrange admission and a start date.  If the child does not attend on the expected first day of attendance, we will take appropriate steps to investigate and challenge any non-attendance.  If after making reasonable enquiries there is no contact with the parents / carer we must report the child as 'Child Missing Education' to the local authority.


All pupils are given a planner when they join us.  A fee will be incurred should the planner need replacing.


Due to Covid students will currently not have access to lockers so will need to carry their equipment with them.


The equipment that pupils are expected to have each day can be found on the last page of our home agreement.  Equipment packs and calculators can be purchased from the academy reception.


If you need to ask anything, please email enquiries@uals.org.uk and put the subject header as Admissions and we will get back to you.


Contact main reception on 01406 362120.