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Home Learning in Lockdown

Lockdown Further Home Support

With so many families facing weeks of lockdown, here are some sites and information that might help you get through the weeks of staying at home. 

 Please have a look at this fantastic resource from Oak National Academy, it is for all year groups and subject areas and can be viewed anytime. 

 **********   https://classroom.thenational.academy/  **********

 We will continue to upload further resources that we feel may be of benefit to you. 


LessonBoard (VLE)

This is where the teaching staff load the work onto your school timetable.  



Online Lessons (Webex)

Your teachers will be inviting you (if your parents/carers have given consent) to join them for a live 'streaming' lesson. To do this you will need to access your school email address and follow the link on there to join the lesson.  

Please see the following link for an example:


 ** update you can now join online with the Webex link that is on your LessonBoard **

Online Lessons Timetable

In conjunction with the online lessons there is a specific timetable when the lessons take place. This is NOT your normal school timetable.

Please see below the streaming timetable to see what online lessons you should attend and when.




Another quick way to view your school email or lessonboard is through the school website - uals.org.uk  - then click on Quick Links.