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Special Educational Needs

SENCO: Mrs Bernardine Harrison

As an Academy, we seek to develop inclusive values between staff, pupils and parents/carers and remove barriers to learning and participation.

We aim to offer support to pupils with Special Educational Needs, giving them the opportunity to develop self-esteem and to enhance learning performance across all areas of the curriculum.

Pupils will:

  • be encouraged to take increasing responsibility for their own learning through shared target setting and Individual Education Plans
  • be given the opportunity to improve basic skills through additional support and intervention programmes
  • be given the opportunity to learn in different ways which allows for individual strengths and weakness
  • have access to resources which will consolidate and extend learning according to individual need
  • be involved in the reviewing procedure along with parents/carers
  • receive additional support from outside agencies when this is appropriate.

We treat each pupil as an individual and ensure that those in need of special help or consideration receive it. Effective provision is made for all pupils with special needs by liaising with appropriate outside agencies. The Academy follows the Special Needs Code of Practice and maintains a Special Needs Register. An information booklet for parents/carers is available from the Academy.

The SEND and Inclusion / Accessibility Policy are available on the Academy website under ‘Policies’.

SEND Local Offer

The SEND Code of Practice can be accessed on the gov.uk website by clicking here.

Minister Ford's open letter to SEND sector