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Staff List


Name Job Title


Mr L Davé Principal



Senior Leadership Team


Mr S Gilman Vice Principal
Mr R Harpham Assistant Principal
Mrs B Boor Business Manager 
Miss C Bates SEND Administrative Assistant





Admin Department 

Mrs J Bliss Exam Invigilator / Administrator
Mrs M Burton-Rayner Business Administration Apprentice 
Miss E Carter PA to Principal
Mrs A Hawes Exams Officer
Mrs J Hopkisson Finance Administrator
Miss A Plater Business Administration Apprentice 
Mrs J Simpson Receptionist / Administrator
Miss M Spiller Data Officer
Mrs M Wilson Reprographics / Administrative Assistant
Miss E Hoyles Attendance & Safeguarding Officer / Inclusion Coordinator


Mrs S Shane Educational Welfare Officer
Mrs J Gilman Careers Advisor Careers 
Mrs B Herbert Cover Supervisor

Cover Supervisors

Miss P Spencer Cover Supervisor
Mrs T Andrew Teacher of Design & Technology Food 



Design and Technology Department

Ms C Brown Supply Teacher of Design and Technology
Mrs J Moate Design & Technology Technician
Mr T Penn Teacher of Design Technology  
Miss H Pickworth Assistant Subject Leader: Design and Technology
Miss G Sharples Teacher of Drama & Year 11 Assistant Learning Coordinator Drama Department
Mrs A Reddy-Devlin Subject Leader : Art

Art Department 

Mr M Archer Assistant Subject Leader: English







English Department 

Miss J English Teacher of English
Mrs M King Teacher of English
Mr J Meehan Teacher of English & Year 10 Learning Coordinator & SLT Teaching and Learning Secondment
Miss M Papworth Subject Leader: English
Ms D Paschou Trainee in English
Miss N Richardson Trainee in English
Ms N Stollery Teacher of English
Mrs R Sutton Instructor of English
Mrs J Carr Inclusion Coordinator


 Behaviour Team

Mrs S King Safeguarding, Mental Health & Behaviour Co-ordinator
Mrs L Baxter Lead Practitioner in Humanities





Humanities Department 

Mr C Gooding Teacher of Humanities
Mr S Martin Subject Leader Humanities
Miss S Mombourquette Assistant Subject Leader of Humanities
Miss S Roberts Trainee in History
Ms C Sherrard Trainee in Humanities
Mrs F Swain Teacher of Humanities & Year 8 Learning Coordinator
Miss D Cella Teacher of Computing


Computing/Vocational Studies Department 


Mrs E Hockley Subject Leader: Computing / Vocational Studies / DT
Mrs D Stainton Teacher of Computing & Year 9 Assistant Learning Coordinator
Mr G Ball IT Network Manager / Systems Developer / Website Coordinator

IT Support

Mr S Morrow Lead Practitioner & Teacher of Mathematics







Maths Department 

Mr M Murfet Assistant Subject Leader Mathematics & Year 7 Acting Learning Coordinator
Miss K Thompson Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs R Thorpe HLTA: Mathematics
Miss L Turner Subject Leader : Mathematics
Mrs J Wilkins Instructor of Mathematics / Year 6 Transition / Year 7 Assistant Learning Coordinator
Mr J Wright Teacher of Mathematics & Year 10 Assistant Learning Coordinator
Mrs K-J Wright Teacher of Mathematics
Mr O Akinwole Supply Teacher of MFL



MFL Department

Mr B Brunton Teacher of MFL
Mrs K Briggs Subject Leader: MFL
Ms P Yaworn Teacher of MFL
Miss N Shaw Subject Leader: Music Music Department
Miss N Frost Teacher of PE





PE Department

Mrs H Green Teacher of Physical Education & Year 9 Learning Coordinator
Mrs L Overland Teacher of Physical Education & PSHE
Mr S Smith Teacher of Physical Education
Mr J Stewart Teacher of Physical Education & Humanities & Year 11 Learning Coordinator & SLT Catch-Up Secondment
Mr A Wheeler Subject Leader: Physical Education
Mr L Chapman Trainee In Science 







Science Department

Miss S Chin Trainee in Science
Ms J Davies Science Technician
Mr S Dickinson Trainee in Science
Mr M Hale Supply Teacher of Science
Mr S Jay Supply Teacher of Science
Mrs N Leeper Subject Leader : Science
Mr J Ragozins Teacher of Science
Mr C Ratcliffe Teacher of Science, Year 8 Assistant Learning Coordinator & Lead for KS3 Science
Mrs S White Teacher of Science
Mrs B Harrison SENDCO and LAC Coordinator SEND Department
Mrs M Connolly Cleaner Supervisor


Site Team

Mr B Shrosbree Site Manager
Mr J Skelton Caretaker
Ms C Brooks Teaching Assistant






Teaching Assistants

Mrs K Cooper Teaching Assistant
Mrs F Cotton Medical Teaching Assistant
Miss P Kierman Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Morley Teaching Assistant
Mr D Oldfield Teaching Assistant
Miss S Oldfield Teaching Assistant
Miss C Pringle Teaching Assistant (Medical)
Miss G Rowley Teaching Assistant 
Miss P Wells Teaching Assistant Apprentice