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Year 7 Catch-up Premium

Year 7 Catch-up Premium

Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up Premium 2018-2019


Allocations for the financial year 2018 to 2019


In 2018 to 2019 we believe that schools will receive the same overall amount of year 7 catch-up premium funding they received in 2017 to 2018, adjusted to reflect the percentage change in the size of their year 7 cohort, based on the January 2018 census. Last year at The Peele Community College we received £18,636 and we expect to receive a similar amount for this year. This document will be updated once the final figure is known.

How do we use the funding at The Peele Community College?


The additional funding is used at The Peele to fund the following:

  • Extra small group Literacy lessons
  • Extra small group Numeracy lessons
  • Specifically trained Teaching Assistants delivering 1 to 1 and small group Literacy and Numeracy sessions
  • Purchase of ‘Read/Write Inc’ and ‘Maths Whizz’ resources.


Intervention Plan for The Peele Community College 2018-19


The key focus for the intervention plan for 2018-19 at The Peele Community College will be the introduction of an extra numeracy or literacy lesson for pupils, in addition to their normal Maths and English lessons. We have allocated specialist staff to teach these sessions and pupils will be taught in small groups so that they can receive individual support and attention.

Initial assessments will indicate individual learning targets for each pupil and we aim to use some Year 6 English resources to focus on the key skills that pupils did not manage to master by the end of KS2. Pupils will then be taught and supported to become more confident in their English skills throughout year 7, or until the point where we feel they are now at the expected national standard. Regular assessment and testing will take place so that we can track and monitor progress. We will follow the same structure in our Numeracy support.

We will use the ‘Read/Write Inc’ resources to support Literacy, and ‘MathsWhizz’ to support Numeracy.

We have allocated some of the funding to support staff from English and Maths spending time at our local feeder Primary schools. The aim of this is to increase our understanding of the KS2 requirements, enabling us to share resources and good practice.

This year’s budget will also be used to purchase resources, textbooks and study guides that pupils can use at home to extend their learning and deepen their understanding in both literacy and numeracy. Parents will be engaged in order that they are able to support their child working at home.